Lip Blush Tattoo

Meet Lip Blushing - the tattoo that not only colour corrects but enhances the shape and size of your lips too!

A tiny mechanized needle deposits pigment into the lips, which builds layers of colour. Lip Blushing can be used as a corrective treatment to help even out the tone of the lips, but it can also help even out symmetry.

Pigments are available in different shades to match your lips and desired colour. Final results will heal around 50 - 60% lighter leaving you with a soft finish lasting around 2 -3 years. Topical numbing is used throughout the treatment to make it more comfortable. Swelling may occur but usually subsides within a few hours.

Two treatments are required 8 -10 weeks apart to achieve the best results.

First Visit           -  $400.00

Perfection Visit -  $200.00

Colour Refresh -  $300.00

(2 - 3 years)

Like with all cosmetic tattoo treatments it is important to prepare. Please read through the information below before your appointment.

  • No Aspirin or blood thinners

  • Avoid caffeine for at least 6 hours before

  • Avoid alcohol consumption for at least 24 hours before

  • No dried cracked lips or active cold sores

  • Do a light exfoliation daily for 5 days prior (you can make your own scrub with olive oil & sugar)

  • Keep the lips overly moisturised for at least one week before

  • Stop the use of retinoids, tretinoin, vitamin c serums, hyaluronic acids in and around the area to be treated at least 2 weeks beofre

  • Stop taking fish oil/omega supplements two weeks before

  • No Botox, lip filler, chemical peels, laser or micro-needling treatments for 4 weeks either side

  • If you have been on Accutane, you must be off it for at least one year before having any cosmetic tattoo treatment

  • If you have a history of cold sores you are advised to see your doctor for anti-viral medication which you should start 3-4 days prior to the procedureZovirax can also be applied preventatively during the first week of healing along with the anti-viral medicationOtherwise, it is recommended to take L-lysine 1-2 weeks before and after the appointment to reduce the risk.

Cold sores are a risk of lip blush treatment regardless of whether you have had them in the past as the virus can lay dormant. Any trauma to the lip tissue can cause an outbreak, it is therefore recommended for ALL clients to take L-lysine, and if you experience an unusual tingly sensation in the lips or notice any bumps appear - see your doctor immediately as you may be experiencing an episode of cold sores. Prompt treatment is crucial in minimizing the extent of a cold sore outbreak.